MuscleWorx - The Clinic

After three years of full time study I was able to put into practice all that I had learnt and started my first clinic – Michelle Philburn Massage.

One of the first challenges was to find a massage table that would be more comfortable for both the client and the massage therapist, and since nothing could be found a completely new table top design was developed and the clinic started with the first generation of my ergonomically designed and custom manufactured massage tables.

The Cambridge Road Clinic was working well with the practice growing when an opportunity opened up allowing me to also operate a clinic at the University of Waikato’s Rec Centre. Recognising that this would be another avenue to grow the business the clinic expanded and begun operating from two locations.

Soon after starting work from the Rec Centre a strategic decision was made to re-brand the business with a totally new name and stronger brand – Michelle Philburn Massage became MuscleWorx Massage Clinics.

In 2010 the clinic moved to a new home based location that would provide easier access, two clinic rooms, plus reception, laundry and bathroom facilities – Muscleworx was now at 84 Cambridge Road in Hillcrest.

My vision at MuscleWorx is to provide ‘Massage Therapy That Works’ so when you visit the clinic you can always be sure you’re in safe, trained, and experienced hands.

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