My Goals at MuscleWorx

At MuscleWorx my goal is to work with you to ensure your massage expectations are achieved, whether your healthcare requirements are for recovery and rehabilitation, relaxation, or physical improvement, Hamilton’s MuscleWorx Massage Clinic is the ideal place to begin.

For therapeutic massage, sports massage, relaxation massage, and deep tissue massage, MuscleWorx Massage Clinic is local and offers you the convenience of an Eftpos facility and accepting Mastercard and Visa.

As well as being a fully trained massage professional, MuscleWorx have also designed and manufactured our own ergonomic massage tables which are used exclusively in MuscleWorx Massage clinics. The ergonomic table top provides increased comfort for both client and therapist to further enhance your massage experience.

So who can benefit from Massage?

If you're involved in motor racing, dancing, adventure racing, mountain biking, multisport, road cycling, triathlon, orienteering, running, rowing, rugby, tennis, golf, kayaking - the list is endless and its not just sports massage for sports people.

Day to day activities can also contribute to the need for massage, consider the effects of poor ergonomics or workstation setup - the sore neck and shoulders you often have at the end of a day. Therapeutic massage will assist in relaxing those muscles allowing you to work and concentrate better.

Because massage therapy also plays an important part in rehabilitation following illness or injury, your massage therapist is carefully trained to work alongside other health service providers including your GP, osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or other healthcare specialist.

Professionally trained and qualified you can be sure you're always in safe hands at MuscleWorx.

Michelle Philburn MuscleWorx Massage therapist