Why Massage?

When you're suffering from muscle pain you want results - and that's what MuscleWorx is all about, massage therapy that helps you alleviate the pain, restore mobility, and gets you on the move again.

Before your first session you'll spend a few minutes discussing your massage expectations and any influences, injuries, or conditions that may have caused the problem. With this knowledge a massage tailored specifically to your needs will be conducted.

There are many different types of massage, and at MuscleWorx I focus mostly on therapeutic and deep tissue techniques which are best at achieving results where muscle pain is the underlying condition, but if you just want to chill then that's fine and you're most welcome to enjoy something a bit more relaxing. If you're not sure what type of treatment would work best for you then just ask.

Occasionally a single session may not be enough to achieve your particular massage goal, and in such cases if a follow up treatment is required your therapist will advise you of this and a new appointment can be made at the time.

Michelle Philburn at Hamiltons MuscleWorx Massage Clinic