Do what you’re best at

When I started MuscleWorx, then Michelle Philburn Massage, I was fresh out of tech, had my qualifications, some good experience, and was rearing to go.

What I didn’t have was the ability to brand and create a strategic direction for the business, lets face it – I was training as a massage therapist not a marketer, so I did what I was good at and had someone else work with me to do the rest.

There is a cost with retaining the services of a professional to help with your marketing and business development, but there’s an even bigger cost if you don’t.

What consumers want from you is more than the physical service you provide, they want to feel safe and comfortable, they want to feel that you’re professional, and that you will still be there the next time they need to see you. They also want to be able to find you and quickly validate all those things previously mentioned.

So what does this all mean?

What it means is that to be successful and grow your business you need:

  • To be good at what you do (number 1!)
  • To be professionally presented, premises well branded, good quality equipment and fittings, and looking like you mean business.
  • To be able to be found – advertising in strategic locations validated by a strong web presence that is easy to find.
  • To be passionate about what you do, care about your clients, and able to demonstrate true empathy (in this kind of business)
  • To be able to listen and accept that not all your ideas may actually be the right ones – use a business mentor or independent marketing professional to achieve this.

The bottom line is don’t be afraid to invest in expertise from other people to help build your business.

Do what you are best at and listen to those that are best at what they do.

The urge to do the DIY thing is strong, in fact it’s a part of our Kiwi culture, but as simple as it might seem to build your own website, develop your visual branding, or create a long term marketing strategy, it is not always the case and when your prospective clients see something that looks a bit ‘amateur’ then what does that immediately say about your business and your service?

Looking good does not happen by accident, it takes time and planning – so do page one SEO results!





Spring’s here!

So spring has arrived and there’s still a bit of sting left in the weather, but all that aside it’s a good time to be getting active again.

If winter’s been a bit lazy then remember to not go too hard too fast, or perhaps you should because that means more business for MuscleWorx, but seriously – warm up, stretch, warm down.

We’re as keen as you are to get back out and enjoy ourselves and look forward to perhaps seeing you on the trails sometime.

Social cycling in Hamilton

If you enjoy a bit of cycling but find the competitive stuff a bit too much then check out Hamilton’s social cycling groups.

Try good old ‘No Boring Bits’ – or check them out on Facebook here.

and there’s a new group on the block that also do some really laid back weekday rides – they’re the Social Trail Riders Group and you can also find them on Facebook 

It’s our new website!

You may have noticed there’s a new look on the MuscleWorx website, and you’d be absolutely correct.

My good husband has been busy working on a new web solution for MuscleWorx that not only looks and works better, but is also optimised to work well on mobile devices.

We’d love any feedback.