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Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

What does the ‘Traffic Light’ system mean and how will it effect your visit?

When we move into the Traffic Light system I will be compelled by law to request verification of your Covid-19 immunisation status before your appointment can commence. Your Covid-19 Vaccination Passport will be sighted, and for any new clients proof of identity will also be requested.

If you’re asking yourself “how can I deal with my aching neck and shoulders?” and you’re looking for massage therapy in Hamilton then give me a call because looking after aching muscles is what I’ve been doing for the past fourteen years, and with thousands of satisfied customers I can happily reassure you that this is massage therapy that works! While neck and shoulder pain is possibly one of the most common muscle ailments it’s not the only one I deal with so whether it’s legs, back, neck, shoulders, or where ever just give me a call.

It doesn’t matter what the activity is, from a walk in the park to hike across the Alps – through all walks of life we sometimes find ourselves needing that little bit of extra attention, and that’s exactly what I do for you at MuscleWorx.

At MuscleWorx I offer a range of massage treatments, from a comfortable relaxation massage to specialised sports massage and deep tissue massage techniques designed to identify and target areas of specific concern.

My Hillcrest massage clinic is quiet and easy to find just a few kilometres from Hamilton’s CBD, and your comfort is guaranteed with our ergonomic massage tables designed and made exclusively for MuscleWorx.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re training, recovering, rewarding yourself, or just relaxing, then Hamilton’s MuscleWorx Massage Clinic is the place you want to be.

Event preparation is important and regular sports massage should be part of your training regime

Gone too hard and need massage that really gets to the root of the issue – try deep tissue massage

Just feeling stiff and need some of that muscle tension released then you need therapeutic massage

Sometimes you just want to chill out, book a relaxation massage at MuscleWorx

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Address: 84 Cambridge Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton

Phone: (07) 856 7908

Email: michelle@muscleworx.co.nz